Golden Basket Reef

Premium Service   +   Quality Coral Frags   =   A worry free buying experience

A formula that defines the shopping experience at Golden Basket Reef, a brand established as the hottest, quality, parasite free, live corals available to the reefing community since the 90’s.  All our corals are carefully monitored as they grow-at our facility.  Whether you just started collecting or are a long-time reefer, we can build you the coral collection of your dreams!


We acquire only select premium mother colonies and propagate them in-house.  We believe this is the best way to bring rare, vibrant corals - sustainably into the reefing community.  A love for corals and their reefs drives our sustainability goals, sustained us for over 25 years of business, and is what brought the Golden Basket brand to where it is today.


Over the years, our business model has evolved.  At first, we found our footing importing colonies of regular stock, wild and mariculture, corals.  Later, we transitioned to importing of select premium mother colonies with the goal of in-house propagation to grow captive grown/aquaculture coral frags.


We also continually acquire aquaculture frags from proven domestic growers expanding our grow out varieties.  Some of our most recognized corals are the Krakatoa line of Zoa’s, GB Emperor Zoa’s, the GB Avatar Chalice, the GB Thunder & Lightning Chalice, and GB Burning Candle Acropora.

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